Arce, founded on a hill and overlooked by the once powerful fortress of Rocca d’Arce, strategically dominates the entrance into the Liri Valley. Whilst the old part retains an attractive medieval aspect with steep narrow streets, the greater part of the town is a thriving commercial centre that has developed on a lower level along the busy via Casilina. Cicero exactingly refers to Arce in letters to his brother Quintus and friend Atticus, detailing the territory of Arcanum and Villa Arcana. We must not forget though, that on a site within Arce’s ancient territorial limits was the colony of Fregellae, founded by Romans in 328 BC.

Currently an important archaeological exploration of the site is being undertaken at university level, the results of which are gradually bringing ancient Fregellae back into the light. In the Middle Ages, Arce experienced traumatic historical events; the occupation of the town by Totila the Hun in the 6th century during his campaigns against the Byzantines, was followed by its destruction at the hands of Saracens.

It was throughout history a strategically important town, straddling the border of the Papal States and the Kingdom of Naples. Amongst Arce’s churches, we name S. Pietro e Paolo (17th cent.) with its two impressive bell-towers and the Greek cross plan; S. Maria which keeps a valuable wooden cross said to be “miraculous”, and S. Antonio, which displays a magnificent 12th century portal.

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sindacoMayor: Luigi Germani
municipio2Town hall: tel. (+39) 0776.524103
users6Population: 6.026 ca
mountain13Altitudine: 250 m
earth globeAltitude: 30 km
carabinieriPolice: tel. (+39) 0776.524124
police29Municipal Police: tel. (+39) 0776.523487
info31 oraTourist Office: Pro Loco:Tel: +39 3932317395 – Fax: +39 07761800359
patrono oraPatrons Saints: Sant’Eleuterio
mercato oraMarket day: Venerdì
email64 oraZip Code: 03032
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Museo Parco archeologico di Fregellae
Museo Gente di Ciociaria

Fontana di piazza Umberto I
Torre saracena
Chiesa dei SS. Pietro e Paolo
Chiesa di Sant’Eleuterio
Chiesa di Santa Maria
• Chiesa di S.Antonio
Cippi Confinari Stato Pontificio Regno delle due Sicilie
Lago di Isoletta di Arce
Bosco Comunale (300 h)

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• Celebrazione vivente della passione (Venerdì Santo)
• Festa patronale (29 maggio)
• Madonna della Vittoria, località Isoletta
• Estate arcese (agosto)
• Gare internazionali di Karting
• Gare di pesca lago di Isoletta
• Marcia Campostefano
• In Castro Archis (giugno-luglio)

• Fiera San Giuseppe (19 marzo)
• Fiera Sant’Eleuterio (29 maggio)
• Fiera Sant’Agostino (28 agosto)
• Fiera Campionaria città di Arce (fine Luglio)

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Antonio Simonelli (Medaglia d’oro al V. M.)
• Stefano Pescosolido e Danilo Rossi (atleti)
• Ferdinando Grossi (giurista)
Gennaro Grossi (scrittore)
Antonio Renzi (Docente universitario)
• Giuseppe Patriarca (Campione nazionale di Pallavolo)
Agostino Carducci (medico)
• Gabriella Germani (imitatrice)

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• Cucina tipica ciociaria
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By train:
Train Roma-Napoli via Cassino to Isoletta. Bus service for Arce.

By Motorway: 

A1(Milano-Napoli) – exit Ceprano; S.S.6 Casilina towards Cassino, after 7 km. Arce.

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