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Acquafondata is situated in the centre of a valley, surrounded by the lush green vegetation of the Aquilone and Monna mountains, on the southern slopes of Mainarde. Acquafondata, at 1000 meters above sea level, is an ideal place for relaxation and breathing fresh air. The beautiful wood nursery of Acquafondata is one of the most magnificent of the entire region. The main characteristics are its natural beauties like mountain and fauna, such as the uncontested mastery of the kite in the deep valleys.

The first news of human settlement go back to 1019 when the Counts of Venafro built a castle and sold it to the Montecassino’s Abbey in 1086. In 1806 became part of “Terra di Lavoro” for Gioacchino Murat. The name “Aqua fundata” appeared for the first time in some documents in Cassino.
After the Unification of Italy, the territory was linked to banditry facts. For its geographical position, at the border between Lazio and Molise, it was along the Winter Line. Violent fights between the German army and the Allies tormented the territory in 1944 and the town was almost destroyed.

In remembrance of military actions, French and Polish veterans erected monuments dedicated to the memory of their own fallen. On 12th January 1944, the French army liberated Acquafondata, passing through Venafro part (Isernia).

Legendary is the figure of the Franciscan Brother Domenico De Filippis, whom St. Margherita Church is related to. Another important place of worship is the church of the Madonna del Carmelo, whose name derives from an ancient popular belief regarding an apparition of the Virgin to a peasant woman working the land.

This small mountain centre springs to life during summer, in occasion of the typical village festivals. Acquafondata is also noted for its handicraft production of bagpipes, a traditional activity of its inhabitants inclined to woodworking and to sheep-farming.




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