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In the middle of the Comino Valley, hugging the slopes of Morrone Mount rests the small town of Alvito, known in ancient times as “Albetum”. A Benedictine possession by the 10th century, it became an earldom with the Count of Aquino and a duchy under the Gallio's family.
An imposing fortress overlooks Alvito and the medieval hamlet, bound to its castle and its four huge round towers by a belt of walls. The fertile Comino Valley spreads down below. Agriculture is still the major economic resource of the town. Alvito conserves an old town rich with historic buildings and significant artistic monuments.

Amongst these, there are beautiful palaces, such as Castrucci’s, Sipari’s, Ferrante’s, Panicali’s and above all the Palazzo Ducale (Duchy’s Palace). Amongst the churches, St. Simeone (18th cent.) is noteworthy for its rich wooden ceiling and, kept in the sacristy, a painting of the Crucifixion, probably executed by Giuseppe Cesari (the Cavalier d'Arpino). But there are many other beautiful churches in Alvito. A visit to the ghost town, “Villaggio Cortignale”, completely uninhabited for over 400 years, is highly recommended.




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