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Amaseno, 4000 inhabitants and 14000 buffalos, is set in the heart of the Amaseno Valley, part of Ciociaria situated at the border of the province of Latin.
The medieval origins of the town are traced back to the 800 AD around a monks’ abbey but the first informations date back to 1000 AD when the town used to be called “San Lorenzo” and the Valley was known as “San Lorenzo Valley”. The old town centre maintains the typical medieval aspect, surrounded by turreted town walls, partly adapted for the residential purpose and partly destroyed.

On the top of the hill there is the imposing feudal castle and going down through the narrow alleys, you can admire beautiful buildings with their mullioned windows, pointed arches, the elegant doorways. At the entrance gate, called “Santa Maria” gate stands the splendid Church of Santa Maria, a notable example of Gothic-Cistercian architecture, made with local calcareous stone worked and squared with hand chisels.

This church preserves a prodigious roman relic by 1177, kept in a Bernian reliquary that contains the St. Lawrence’s blood. The blood melts every year, precisely from the 8th and 9th August, and a fragment of leather clearly visible from the outside floats on the blood.

After the anniversary of the martyrdom and the saint’s festivities (on 10th August) the blood become liquid again and then get solid another time. Lately, the economy turn around the production and the rearing of buffalo and savoury buffalo mozzarellas.





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