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AAnagni, the ancient “Anagnia”, once the chief town of the Hernician confederacy, rises on a hill between the Ernici mounts and Sacco Valley. Legend has it that Anagni is one of the five major towns founded in this region by Saturn. Conquered by Romans in 306 BC, it became a prefecture then a municipality.

Here, in 1160, during the wars between Pope Alexander III and the emperor Barbarossa, the excommunication of the emperor and the anti-papist Victor IV was pronounced. Anagni later became a free city, and during the 13th cent. it passed under the Signoria of Caetani’s family, giving the Church as many as four popes (Innocence III, Alexander IV, Gregory IX and Boniface VIII) and ,as a pontifical residence, deserved the title "city of the Popes".

The town was a theatre of war between the feudal lord Colonna, the French King Phillip the Beautiful and Pope Boniface VIII, who was here imprisoned as a result of the celebrated "Anagni’s Slap". In 1798 it took part to the movements, which led to the Roman Republic. Anagni was chief-town in the Circeo’s Province in the Roman Republic.
In the rigorously medieval centre, Anagni, with retains elegant and austere palaces, Romanesque churches, bell-towers, open galleries and squares, projecting sober but essential architecture, the 13th century Palazzo di Bonifacio VIII, the Town Hall and Barnekow House are worthy of great interest, and amongst its numerous churches, the Cathedral stands out with its splendid crypt displaying frescoes, which represent the most interesting painting cycle of 13th century. Today Anagni  is a large commercial and industrial centre, one of the most important to be found in south-central Italy..

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