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Important logistical and commercial centre along Latin Road, Aquino is the heart of the main roadway systems (A1, Casilina, main railway paths and soon also the High Speed line) still today. From 211 BC Aquinum acquired the title "Urbe", a distinction reserved only to Rome. Though not becoming a Municipium until imperial times the town however had the “rights of coinage” (up to 3rd cent.).

After the destruction of Fregellae its political and military status grew to such an extent that the town became the most important centre between Rome and Capua. Aquino preserves impressive remains belonging to its illustrious past, one of which is the Porta Romana, called St. Lawrence’s Door (important for its structural featuring: perfectly aligned to the Via Latina), the Romanesque Church of S. Maria della Libera (11th cent.), erected over the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Hercules Liberator.

S. Maria della Libera has now been declared a National Monument. On the left there is a triumphal arch, built in the 1st century BC, to supposedly honour Mark Antony. At present, the water submerges it and only columns and Corinthian capitals remain visible. Also to be seen there are the captivating remains of the Capitolium, an amphitheatre, heated public baths and remnants of Patrician villas, in one of which was born the Latin poet Juvenal.




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