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The sandstone hill overlooking the Sacco valley on which Arnara rests, seems to have given origin to the name of this small town, which in Roman times was a quarry from which was extracted porous rock or tufa for building purposes. During the war against the Papacy for the conquest of the Roman Duchy, the Longobard King Astolfo took possession of Arnara’s hill for its excellent strategical position and built the Longobard’s Tower (756 AD) in his effort to control the Latin Road, the ancient artery that connected central Italy with southern Italy.
Over the remains of this tower there was subsequently built a 11th century castle followed by a series of square turrets (ca 15th cent.) of which only one remains (the others having been incorporated within successive building projects). Only one circular shaped turret was built and is still visible today. Arnara belonged to the earldom of the Counts of Ceccano until 1450; the town then passed over to the Colonna, the feudal princes of Salerno. Thanks to its favourable geographical position, Arnara’s territory is rich with vineyards (Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Maturano, Pamparano and Moscato). Arnara’s wine is available in most outlets and restaurants as "vino della casa" (house wine).  [MORE]





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