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Belmonte Castello

The charming village of “Bellus Mons” rises on a crag characterised by the dense forests of Monte Cairo. During the 13th century, it was the earldom of the Aquino’s counts, then of the Alvito’s counts, who probably erected the castle, unfortunately destroyed by bombing raids during the Second World War. As a result, there remain today only two stone columns belonging to its ancient gateway. Very interesting is the Church of S. Nicola (12th cent.), which conserves 14th century frescoes and the remains of a Roman aqueduct (1st cent. BC) carved out of solid rock. During the 19th century, textile handicraft thrived in Belmonte.

The tools used at that time in the manufacture of rope and cord products are today conserved in various private collections. The road Terelle-Belmonte offers a beautiful panorama of the valley, which from the pass of Capo di Chino (Naples) reaches the plain of San Elia Fiumerapido and proceeds to the plain of Cassino. Natural curiosities are the so-called "fosse", two rocky craters of uncertain classification, more than 130 m. deep, at the bottom of which, coming from rocky holes, it is possible to hear the rush of cold winds, perhaps caused by the flowing of underground streams of unknown source.




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