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Boville Ernica

Protected by the still intact medieval city walls, Boville Ernica, formerly known as Bauco, dominates the valley of Liri, Cosa and Sacco. Its history can be traced back to pre-roman age, as evidenced by the archaeological findings of the 8th century B.C in the Santa Elisabetta district and by the polygonal walls at Monte del Fico, that is construction works of a magnificent holy terraced complex. First settlements were more downstream than the current urban centre but due to the Barbarian invasion (during the so-called “encastellation period” – about 10th century, the population moved to the hill, building the solid defensive walls fortified by a whopping 18 sighting towers and becoming one of the more fortified and unassailable centres of the area. The monumental and artistic heritage of Boville includes many Renaissance palaces and churches.

Among them it come to the fore S. Pietro Ispano erected in the 12th century over the actual grotto, in which for many years lived penitent the Patron Saint. The church still conserves an early-Christian sarcophagus, two reliquaries, belonging to S. Pietro Ispano and S. Lucia, a chapel once belonging to the noble family of the Simoncelli, a Sansovino bas-relief and an exceptional mosaic attributed to Giotto. Since 2002, by decision of the regional Government, Boville Ernica has been recognized as an “arts and tourist town” and in 2009 joined the national association of 2The most beautiful villages in Italy”.




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